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eCommerce Facts

– Worldwide 2018 –

275,000 USD

is an average annual revenue per store

(source: statista.com)

20 %

is an average annual
growth of industry

(source: statista.com)

2.6 %

is an average
conversion rate

(source: monetate.com)


is the most
popular platform

(source: trends.google.com)

The Popularity of eCommerce Platforms

– Worldwide –

Rockstar Brands & Online Stores

– which run on Shopify –

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What Is UrbiBaba?

No, this is not Alibaba`s younger sister, but …

my consulting & mentorship agency which is here to skyrocket your eCommerce business. Hey, let me introduce myself first.

My name is Urban Ropotar, and my beginnings with eCommerce go back to 2011 when my brother Luka and I launched our first online store. At that time, eCom was more than 4 times smaller and the technology was on a much lower level as is today. The beginnings were not very promising, and I had to stay in a regular job.

In 2016 we discovered Shopify and launched another online store. This time we reached more than €50k in the first month and more than €190k in revenue in the second month. After that, I have quit my job and focused on Shopify and consulting. In 2018 I became official Shopify Partner, and until today, I have built many online stores and helped to scale my brother’s eCommerce business from 6 to 8-figures.

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