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"How To Turn Your eCommerce Business Into a Money-Making Machine"

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BONUS: If you sign-up to eCom BootCamp today, you will receive my profit calculator, which will help you to have your eCom business under control. You will know every time how much profit do you make.

Discover How My Brother and I Implemented 4 Tasks And Generated

$59,165 Revenue In 30 Days!

I Will Take You By The Hand And Show You Step-By-Step What Did We Do To Accomplish That And How Could We Do it Even Better (Now We Know) – Never Revealed Before!

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What Else You Will Discover in Our eCom BootCamp?

eCommerce trends, statistics, markets, opportunities and you will find out, why is eCommerce so lucrative business today. You will create your pain list, which will serve you as motivation and “kick into your but.” You will also discover 3 most common eCom methods and hear which one is the best for you.

Besides our case study, four elements you need to build your eCom money-making machine and learn about 3 essential things you must have to run your eCom business successfully. I will reveal you a powerful 4-steps Action formula which will help you beat your competition with a proven system and repeatable process.

How to make more money with 3 different approaches. I will give you my To-Do List to double your profit. I will describe to you two different ways to start turning your eCom business into a money-making machine. You will find out if it is starting an eCom business and be profitable in 2019 hard. BONUS: Tips & hints about passive income.

"Profitable eCom business is not just about how to build an online store, select products, target audience, and create ads. That is the core, but there are so many things around it, you must give enough attention. Many people who start with the eCom business don't understand that. And that's why they are losing money. Our eCom BootCamp is the answer to that because it gives you the whole picture of the eCommerce business and answers the question of how to be profitable."
Luka Ropotar
Owner of 8 figures eCom business
Partner at UrbiBaba

* 2$ offer limited time only – until we fill 500 spots

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That sounds amazing! Tell me more ...

Ecommerce is booming. An average growth per year is 20% (source: statista.com), and many eCommerce entrepreneurs all over the world make 6, 7, and 8 figures in revenue per year. Many of them started small, with few orders per day. Btw, that is how we started, as well.

On the other hand, reading and listening to those stories about successful eCom entrepreneurs can be misleading because the truth is that more people fail in eCommerce than succeed. In fact, many people that have tried to learn about eCommerce business and run it, gave up on the first bump. And never got as far as launching their first store and ran few advertising campaigns.


Because eCom business in 2019 is not as easy as you might think. It is not just setting up an online store, selecting a few products, creating few ads, and start selling as it used to be. You must have a bigger picture of eCommerce business and you must know how to run it profitably. With other words, you have to know what are you doing and you must have realistic expectations. 

I cant guarantee you’ll turn your eCommerce business into a money-making machine after watching our eCom BootCamp training. There are too many factors involved that are out of our control.

But I CAN give you the best ideas, hints, and knowledge for your eCom business and if you understand and implement those things, you will have much higher chances to run it profitably.

I want to make sure your expectations are in the right place before you spend your precious time further.

* $2 offer limited time only – until we fill 500 spots

Frequently Asked Questions

Urbibaba is private consulting & mentorship agency, here for you to help you skyrocket your eCommerce business. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced ecom entrepreneur, we CAN help you in many ways to run your business with profit.

The first reason is that we want to avoid sharing our knowledge and experiences to people who are out there looking only “free rides.” The second reason is that people take things more serious if we pay for them. That means you have higher chances to succeed if you invest at least some money into your knowledge than get it for free. 

Besides, here are a few other reasons to put your mind at ease:

  • The BootCamp is not presale webinar. You won’t listen 30 min about us, 20 min about others, and 30 min about our products. Our eCom BootCamp has 80% high-value content because helping people first, thinking about money second is the motto we believe in. We also believe that every useful and informative content we spread around is a great promotion for our agency, services, and brand.
  • The BootCamp includes 2 hours long training, split into 3 parts to maintain your concentration. So, besides $2 it demands your time. Many people are not willing to spend anything on their successes. They want to be successful and have tons of money without any effort or investment.  

That’s it! We want to give our BootCamp to people who are ready to invest some time and effort into their success. Who are prepared to work hard and build serious eCom business. The BootCamp is an excellent starting point to discover more about eCommerce business, and we hope you will check out our services afterward too.

You will get the access to the BootCamp by email in a few minutes after your payment is confirmed.

Limited Availability - Only 500 Spots Open!

Urbibaba’s content is exclusive, and we don’t share our knowledge and experiences with everyone. This 3 parts BootCamp will be only available for only $2 until we fulfill 500 spots. After that, we will remove it from our website or rise the price up!

Hurry Up, The Spots Are

* $2 offer limited time only – until we fill 500 spots

Hurry Up, The Spots Are

Hurry Up, The Spots Are

Get Instant Access to 3-Parts Training &

Turn Your eCom Business Into a Money-Making Machine

* $2 offer limited time only – until we fill 500 spots


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