Do You Want More Sales?

Of course, you do! Every eCommerce entrepreneur wants more sales.

So, the real question is – HOW to get more sales? 

Continue reading, and you will discover how can you get more sales by implementing a proven system and repeatable process into your online store. 

Modern digital marketing world looks like one big jungle. You have social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, SEM, remarketing, funnels … and every one of them has countless of tacticts and strategies.

I can imagine how hard it is for you to know where to start and where to focus your time. You are not the only one struggling with that.

And that’s even not all. Things online are changing very fast, which means that there are thousands of new tactics and ideas coming in every day. Day by day … Uh, what a mess!

So, how can you implement them all into your eCommerce business to get more sales? Well, you can’t! Nobody can’t – even the biggest eCom brands out there don’t do that, because that is impossible and also crazy! 

After building many Shopify stores and working as an eCom consultant for 8-figures company I have realized that It’s not necessary to do everything, every tactic, and every strategy right away, but it is still possible to achieve superb results. 

Just take a look at the images below.

That is the online store my brother and I started in June 2016. For 53,836 EUR gross revenue, as you can see, we spent 5,572 EUR in FB ads (cold traffic), which is 966% ROAS (return on ad spend). So with every invested euro into FB ads, we got 9.66 euros back. Some money we spent for abandoned cart though and general ROAS was a little lower, but I don’t exaggerate if I say this store was a real money-making machine.

At that time, we were focused only on short term sales. Why? Because without short term sales (quick sales), you cannot have long term sales and growth the business.

So, what did we do?

We chose the market, found the winning product, built an online store, and after that, we ran some paid ads to get traffic. We did ca 10 campaigns with more or less the same audience and few different ad creatives. Here we didn’t do any in-depth research but targeted a broad audience, interested in online shopping. 

We also didn`t spend much time on optimizing product pages and sales funnel, or thinking about different marketing tactics and strategies, conversion rates, perfect customers, upsells/downsells, customer experience, etc. With all that I am pretty sure results would have been even better, including a higher conversion rate.

Yes, the low conversion rate was a problem, but more than that the fact that the product became quite saturated. So in the next months we used a few simple tactics which gave us some incredible results. Below you can see the comparison between the first three months and second three months after the launch. We didn`t just improve the online store`s conversion rate (almost doubled it!), but we also enhanced the number of orders and returning customers.

Urbibaba Shopify Store 1 Results after optimization

These were significant improvements in our online store’s performance. What exactly did we do? We didn’t just use some tactics and strategies, but we followed a proven system and repeatable process. The system and process many popular online stores out there using it. What is that system about?

It consists of powerful 4-steps Action Formula, which we have developed in the last three years. More about the formula you can find out in our brand new eCom BootCamp. Sign-up now and you will also discover how can you turn your eCommerce business into a money-making machine and double your profit! BootCamp is FREE, so book your seat now!

Let’s check now an online store we launched in October 2017. In the beginning, we had focused only on fundamental things to get some quick sales. Before the end of the year 2017, we started using the 4-steps Action Formula.

What happened then? Check these numbers below:

Urbibaba Shopify Store 2 Results after optimization

By using the 4-step Action Formula, we managed to improve conversion rate, get more returning customers, and stabilized the sales. 

With better conversion rates, more returning customers and also higher average order value (AOV), we spent less money on ads, achieved higher ROAS and more profit. Remember, better ROAS you have, more profit you can expect. So, more than catching pure sales revenue is important to improve your ROAS.  

As you can see from the examples above, my brother and I know our stuff. In the last three years, we have achieved some fantastic results with our online stores. It wasn’t, and it’s not easy, but with the right mindset, lots of action and knowledge it is doable. How can you make that results too? 

You can do it in a harder way by browsing, testing, taking courses, and learning everything by yourself. That is how my brother and I did back in 2016. And as you can see the screenshots above, we did it pretty well. We don`t have a college degree in marketing or selling, and we are also not some super smart dudes with extraordinary skills or powers.

BUT … you are missing one cruical point:

  • Starting an eCom business in 2019 or getting profitable ROAS is much HARDER as it was in 2016. eCommerce in 2019 is evolving incredibly fast. The market is saturated with millions of different products and online stores. Ads are getting more and more expensive. That is why you have to be more creative, and you have to know what are you doing. So, without professional help, you will be like a fish in the water full of sharks.

And here comes the easier way: you can make similar or even better results by getting yourself an expert, a professional mentor. With mentor you will achieve results faster, you will save yourself a lot of stress, make fewer mistakes and spend less money for them. Having a mentor in 2019 eCommerce business is not an option anymore, but a must – unless you want to risk and be eaten by sharks.

The idea of having a mentor is not something new. Every student who graduates has a mentor. Every professional athlete, sports team, or even a musician has a professional mentor or coach. Championships and gold medals winners have not only one, but many mentors. They are sources of their success. Have you ever seen an athlete or team training without a coach and win a championship? I am sure you haven’t.

So, if you want to be eCom champion and build 6, 7 or 8 figures business, earn lots of money and at the same time save lots of time, stress, make fewer mistakes while doing that, then you should hire a professional mentor, who is an expert in eCom. UrbiBaba is our consulting & mentorship agency and the best place for you if YOU:

  • want to quit your job and become eCommerce entrepreneur, but you don't know how to start,
  • are an entrepreneur, and you are looking for a new opportunity, but you want fast results,
  • already are in eCom business and have an online store, but you are struggling with sales and profit.

What can you expect?

With us, you will discover our proven system and repeatable process to get more sales and profit. You will receive professional consulting and practical orientated knowledge according to your needs or situation. We appreciate your time, so talking about things you don`t need right away is wasting time. 

What can you not expect?

Our consulting & mentorship is not “getting rich quick” model so that you won’t get rich overnight. Without your active participation, you won’t generate any sales and any profit. The results you will get are entirely up to you, your dedication, and your work.

If you think that UrbiBaba is the place for you and you want to skyrocket your eCom business faster, cheaper, with less mistakes and stress, then keep reading, because …

I have some great news for you.

You have an outstanding opportunity to become one of the rare individuals who will have the chance to work with me and my brother. Why?

Because UrbiBaba consulting & mentorship has no generic online eCom course, which can be bought by everyone. You can work with us in person or inside a small group of entrepreneurs via our problem resolving and action orientated eCom mastermind group. I believe that professional mentorship & consulting is a responsible job, which can have a significant impact on our clients` lives. 

To be aware of this responsibility, we want to change your life for the better. That is possible only if we focus on you, not thousands of other people. So, how exactly can you work with us?

You can work with us in several ways

Even though we have been in eCom business from 2011, our knowledge and experiences have never been shared in public before until now. We are accepting our first clients in all programs so that you can expect some great deals. However, there are limited spots available, because we don’t want to be overwhelming with the clients. Remember, what I said about focus?

Okay, lets see your options …

Personal eCom Mentorship Program

[perfect for eCom beginners without online store]

You will work directly with my brother and me. You will get an eCom business plan based on our 4-steps Action formula, which will represent the core of all activities, tactics, and strategies. We will help you select a highly profitable (sub)niche and problem solving & market demanding products, ready for testing. You will receive a fully build and ready to launch Shopify store, and a custom made marketing strategy for paid & free traffic, tailored for you, and much, much more ...

Skyrocket your ecommerce business faster!

Closed eCom Mastermind Group

[best for eCom entrepreneurs with online store]

If you already have a Shopify store, or you don't need a personal mentor, you can join others passionate eCom entrepreneurs in eCom Membership Group and get access to problem resolving and action-orientated content (live FQA, interviews, case studies, »how-to« videos ...), which will give you lots of knowledge, new skills and motivation. This content is exclusively available through UrbiBaba consulting & mentorship, and you cannot get it on Youtube or Google.

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Hm, are you still not sure to work with us? Maybe is the reason that you don`t trust our consulting and mentorship yet? No worries, I understand you. You don’t have to work with me and my brother right away.

Choosing the right mentor is an important decision because it can radically change your life and your future. So, take your time and get to know us better – you can do that by signing up to our new eCom BootCamp.

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Give it a shot and make the next step towards your success:

Take action and skyrocket your eCom business today.


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